Win Movie Maker

1. On timeline
F12 Save a project with a new name
Ctrl+P Publish a movie
Ctrl+A Select all clips
F2 Rename a collection or clip
Ctrl+Delete Clear the timeline
Ctrl+T Switch between the storyboard and the timeline
Page down Zoom in on the timeline
Page Up Zoom out on the timeline
F9 Zoom the timeline to fit on the screen
+ Expand the Video track when it is selected in the timeline
Collapse the Video track when it is selected in the timeline
Ctrl+D Add selected clips to the storyboard/timeline
Alt+Enter Play video in full screen
N Combine contiguous clips
Ctrl+Shift+B Nudges clip to the left
Ctrl+Shift+N Nudges clip to the right
K Play or pause clip
Ctrl+K Stop playback on the storyboard/timeline
Ctrl+W Play content on the storyboard/timeline
Ctrl+Q Rewind and go to the beginning of the storyboard/timeline
Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow Back
Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow Forward
J Previous frame
L Next frame
F1 Display help topics
Left arrow Select previous item (on a timeline track, on the storyboard, or in the Contents pane)
Right arrow Select next item
Up arrow Select item above (on a timeline track or in the Contents pane)
Down Arrow Select item below
minus2. Import
Ctrl+I Import an existing digital media file
Ctrl+R Import video from a digital video camera
minus3. Edit
Alt+Shift+Up arrow/ Down arrow Select clip trim handle
Alt+Shift+Left arrow Trim clip edge left
Alt+Shift+Right arrow Trim clip edge right
M Split a clip
U Clear trim points
I Set start trim point
O Set end trim point
minus4. Navigation
End Go to the last item
Home Go to the first item
minus5. General
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+O Open an existing project
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+S Save a project
Ctrl+N Create a new project
Ctrl+V Paste
Delete Delete
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action
Ctrl+Y Redo the last action
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