Adobe Fireworks

1. Shortcuts for selecting and working with Fireworks Tools
v or 0 Choose the Pointer tool (black arrow). Switching tools is a common task within Macromedia Fireworks. Pressing the v key or the 0 key switches to the Pointer Tool. Pressing it again switches between the Pointer and Select Behind Tool.
a or 1 Choose the Subselector Tool (white arrow). This tool is pretty handy for selecting parts of complex elements.
t Choose the Text Tool
b Choose the Brush Tool
c Choose the Crop Tool
e Choose the Erasor Tool
g Choose the Paintbucket Tool
h Choose the Hand Tool
i Choose the Eyedropper Tool
j Choose the Polygon Hotspot Tool
k Select the Slice Tool
l Select the Lasso Tool
m Select the Marqee Tool
n Select the Line Tool
p Select the Pen Tool
q Select the Scale Tool
r Select the Blur Tool
s Select the Rubber Stamp
u Select the Rectangle Tool
w Select the Magic Wand Tool
z Magnify Tool

minus2. Working With Fireworks Files using Shortcuts
strg+n Create a new Fireworks document. It directs you to the new document menu from where you can set canvas size, resolution and color. Also good to know: if you have an image in the Clipboard, Fireworks automatically pre-set the new documents dimensions
ctrl+o Opens an existing Fireworks MX document
ctrl+s Saves the current Fireworks MX document
ctrl+shift+r Export File
ctrl+shift+x Export Preview
ctrl+shift+s Save As
ctrl+r Import file
ctrl+p Print file
ctrl+q Quit Fireworks
ctrl+w Close current Window

minus3. Using the Fireworks Zoom Feature with Keyboard Shortcuts
ctrl++ ahd ctrl+ Zoom in and/or out: The easiest way to change the current zoom level is to press the ctrl++ keyboard shortcut to zoom in and to press ctrl+- to zoom out again.
ctrl+0 Fit Selection
ctrl+5 50 % Magnification
ctrl+1 100 % Magnification
ctrl+2 200 % Magnification
ctrl+4 400 % Magnification
ctrl+8 800 % Magnification
ctrl+3 3200 % Magnification
ctrl+6 6400 % Magnification
ctrl+alt+0 Zoom to selection

minus4. Working with Fireworks Objects
ctrl+gctrl+shift+g Groups and un-groups objects. For ungrouping, just add the shift key to the combination and press ctrl+shift+g
ctrl+a Selects all objects. Presssing this keyboard shortcut selects all objects on the active canvas. Easy to remember, since it is used in most applications for selecting all.
x Switch Fill and Stroke colors in color wells
f9 Show/Hide blue lines around selected objects
ctrl+shift+arrow up Bring object to front
ctrl+shift+arrow down Send object to back
ctrl+arrow up Bring object forward
ctrl+arrow down Send object backwards
ctrl+alt+1 Align objects left (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+2 Align objects center vertical (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+3 Align objects right (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+4 Align objects top (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+5 Align objects center horizontal (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+6 Align objects bottom (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+shift+u Insert Hotspot
ctrl+alt+shift+c Copy Attributes from one object
ctrl+alt+shift+v Paste Attributes to another object
ctrl+alt+d Duplicate Object

minus5. Image and Canvas Manipulation in Fireworks
ctrl+shift+t Numeric Transformation
ctrl+alt+t Trim Canvas
ctrl+alt+f Fit Canvas
ctrl+shift+9 Rotate Object 90 Degrees Clockwise
ctrl+shift+7 Rotate Object 90 Degrees Counter-Clockwise

minus6. Ruler and Guides with Keybaord Shortcuts
ctrl+alt+r Show/Hide Ruler
ctrl+; Show/Hide Guides (if there are any guides in the document)
ctrl+shift+; Snap/ Unsnap to Guides
ctrl+alt+; Lock/ Unlock Guides

minus7. Basic Fireworks Commands using Keyboard Shortcuts
ctrl+z Undo
ctrl+y Redo
ctrl+u Fireworks Preferences
f Change between Full Screen and Normal Screen
tabf4 Show/Hide Tool Windows
ctrl+shift+f Convert object to Path
ctrl+shift+i Inverse Selection (when for example part of bitmap is selected)

minus8. Working with Text in Fireworks
ctrl+shift+. Increase Text size
ctrl+shift+, Decrease Text size
ctrl+b Apply bold formatting
ctrl+i Apply italic formatting
ctrl+alt+shift+l Align Left
ctrl+alt+shift+c Align Centered Horizontally
ctrl+alt+shift+r Align Right
ctrl+alt+shift+j Align Justified
ctrl+alt+shift+s Align Stretched

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