Adobe Animate

1. File
Ctrl+R Import Image/Sound etc..
Ctrl+Shift+R Export to .swf/.gif etc..
Ctrl+Shift+O Open as Library

minus2. View Shortcuts
Ctrl+1 Full Size View
Ctrl+2 Show Frame
Ctrl+3 Show All

minus3. Windows Shortcuts
Ctrl+M Modify Movie Properties
Ctrl+L Show/Hide Libraries
Ctrl+E Toggle between Edit Movie and Edit Symbol Mode
Ctrl+Shift+L Show/Hide Work Area
Ctrl+Shift+W Show/Hide Timeline

minus4. Edit and Modify
Ctrl+G Group
Ctrl+U Ungroup
Ctrl+B Break Apart
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste in Place
Ctrl+D Duplicate
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+Shift+A Deselect All
Ctrl+K Align Window
Ctrl+Shift+S Scale and Rotate
Ctrl+Shift+Z Remove Transform
Ctrl+Up Arrow Move Ahead
Ctrl+Down Arrow Move Behind
Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow Bring to Front
Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow Send to Back
Ctrl+T Modift Font
Ctrl+Shift+T Modify Paragraph
Ctrl+Left Arrow Narrower Letterspacing
Ctrl+Right Arrow Wider Letterspacing

minus5. Miscellaneous Action
Ctrl+Shift+Z Remove rotation or scaling from the selected objects
Ctrl+Shift+7 Rotate the selection to 90 degrees left
Ctrl+Alt+S Scale and/or rotate the selection using numeric values
Ctrl+Shift+F Auto formats the editor code
Ctrl+Shift+8 Show hidden characters
Ctrl+Shift+E Suppresses highlighting of selected items
Ctrl+Shift+W Show or hide the pasteboard that surrounds the stage
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R Show or hide the rulers
Ctrl+Alt+[ Show Frame Script Navigator
Ctrl+Alt+I Show or hide the tweening shape hints
Ctrl+Shift+5 Show or hide the Color panel
Ctrl+Alt+8 Show or hide the Compiler Errors panel
Ctrl+Alt+K Open a new window in the front most simulation that is a duplicate of the active window
Ctrl+Shift Show or change a list of the scenes in the current movie
Ctrl+Alt+T Show or hide the animation timeline and layers controls
Ctrl+= Show a smaller area of the drawing with more detail
Ctrl+ Show a larger area of the drawing with less detail
Ctrl+K Show or hide the Align panel
Ctrl+3 Add Component Widgets
Ctrl+T Show or hide the History panel
Ctrl+I Show or change the properties and position of the selected object
Ctrl+L Show or hide the Library panel for this document
Ctrl+9 Show or hide the Property Inspector
Ctrl+5 Select colors from swatches and manage swatches
Ctrl+8 Show or hide the drawing toolbar
Ctrl+T Scale and/or rotate the selection using numeric values
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