1. General Shortcuts
Ctrl+, Open 1Password Preferences window.
Ctrl+{ Previous category
Ctrl+} Next category
Tab/Shift+Tab Starting from a selected category in the sidebar, the first Tab will change the focus to the search field, and the second Tab will change the focus to the item list.
Shift+Tab Change the focus in the opposite direction.
Ctrl+W Close window.
Ctrl+M Minimize window.
Ctrl+0 Switch to All Vaults.
Ctrl+1..9 Switch between individual vaults.
Ctrl+N Create a new item.
Shift+Ctrl+C Copy the password of the currently selected item.
Ctrl+E Edit the currently selected item.
Ctrl+./Esc Cancel editing of the current item.
Ctrl+S Save the item that is being edited.
Ctrl+D Duplicate currently selected item.
Alt If View Conceal Passwords is enabled, pressing the Option key will temporarily reveal the password.
Ctrl+F Find item.
Ctrl+O Open existing item
minus2. Main Program Shortcuts
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy the value in the password field of the selected Login item.
Ctrl+B Copy the value in the username field of the selected Login item.
Ctrl+C Copy the selected item to the clipboard
Ctrl+F Find item.
Ctrl+R Get a quick peek at an obfuscated password.
Ctrl+N Display the New Item menu.
Ctrl+E Edit the selected item.
Ctrl+S Save any changes to the item being edited.
Enter Shift focus from folders or categories area to list area.
Alt+Down Arrow In the search field, display the list of defined tags.
Ctrl+Click On the Add URL button in the edit Login dialog box, display a list of running programs used in creating an application Login.
Ctrl+2..9 Switch vaults
minus3. Browser Shortcuts
Ctrl+\ Invoke the 1Password extension to fill the displayed form
Ctrl+Alt+\ Invoke the 1Password extension to display the full menu
Ctrl+Click/Tab Expand the highlighted Login, Identity, or Credit Card item in the extension menu. Click on a field to copy its value to the clipboard.
Arrow Keys Navigate the extension menu.
minus4. In Other Programs
Ctrl+\ Auto+type the username and password (with an intervening Tab) into the program in the foreground, if that program is associated with the Login in the main 1Password program, as described above
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