Power 2016 Shortcut

1. Navigation Operation
Arrow Keys Move operations
End End of line
Home Starting of line
Ctrl+Up Arrow Phrase or paragraph Up
Ctrl+Down Arrow Phrase or paragraph down
Ctrl+End End of text block
Ctrl+Home Beginning of text block
Shift+Tab To next object
Tab To previous object
Pg Dn Next Slide
Pg Up Previous Slide
F6 Focus to different pane
Ctrl+F1 Collapse/expand ribbon
Spacebar/Enter Activate selected commend/Open Selected menu on ribbon
Shift+F6 Move anticlockwise among pane
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Switch Thumbnail/Outline View Pane
2. Edit and General Text Operations
Ctrl+S/Ctrl+Q Save Presentation
Ctrl+O Open existing presentation
Ctrl+N New presentation
Ctrl+M New Slide
Ctrl+R Right Align selected text
Ctrl+L Left Align selected text
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Ins Copy text/image
Ctrl+V Paste text/image/text
Ctrl+X Cut text/image
Ctrl+B Bold text
Ctrl+U Underline Text
Ctrl+I Italic text
Del Remove selected image/Remove one character from right side
F2 Rename the file
Ctrl+P Print presentation
F5 Slideshow of presentation
Ctrl+E Align Center Selected Phrase
Alt+F4 Exit
Ctrl+J Justify Selected Phrase
Ctrl+K Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl+F Find particular text
Ctrl+H Replace particular text
Ctrl+Z Undo changes in presentation
Ctrl+Y Redo operation
Ctrl+Shift+Z Normal/Plain Text
Shift+F3 Toggle cases(UppseCase/LowerCase)
F7 Spelling Checker
Ctrl+Shift+F Change Font Style
Ctrl+Shift+> Increase font size
Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease font size
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+> Superscript
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+< Subscript
Ctrl+Drag Create a copy of selected text
Ctrl+Bkspace Delete word from left
Ctrl+Del Delete word from right
Ctrl+D Duplicate Slide
Alt+HandFandS Change font size
Alt+WandQ Zoom
Enter Finish modifying value
Ctrl+T Open font dialog box
Shift+F3 Change cases
Ctrl+N Insert new Comment
Ctrl+R Reply to comment
3. Outlining Views
Alt+Shift+Left Arrow Highlight/Promote Paragraph
Alt+Shift+Right Arrow Highlight/Demote Paragraph
Alt+Shift+Up Arrow Move up paragraph
Alt+Shift+Down Arrow Mov down paragraph
Alt+Shift+A Show all texts
Alt+Shift+ Collpase text under heading
Alt+Shift++ Expand text
Alt+Shift+1 Collapse titles
Double Click Select Word
Triple Click Select Paragraph
Ctrl+Enter Move from title/text to text/slide
4. Presentation Windows shortcuts
Ctrl+F6 Next window
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Previous window
Alt+F10 Maximize window
Alt+F5 UnMaximize window
Ctrl+F5 Restore window to previous size
F5 SlideShow
Shift+F10 Display Context menu
5. Shapes and Various Drawing Objects Shortcuts
Ctrl+Shift+G Group Shape
Ctrl+Shift+H Ungroup Shape
Ctrl+Shift+J Regroup Shape
Ctrl+Alt+Click Straight line by curve tool
Ctrl+Resize Click Resize from center
Alt+NandP Insert Picture
Alt+NandSandH Insert Shape
Alt+GandH Select Theme
Alt+HandL Select Slide Layout
Alt+Nand X Insert textbox
Alt+NandJ Select object
Alt+NandW Insert Wordart
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy shape attributes
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste shape attributes
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+X/Ctrl+V Copy,cut and paste shapes
Alt+Shift+C Copy animation painter
Alt+Shift+V Paste animation painter
Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y Undo/Redo changes
6. Slide Operations(Presentation time)
Ctrl+G Show/hide slide
Ctrl+Drag Guide Create multiple guide
+Enter Go to Slide
B Black/Unblack screen
W White/Unwhite screen
A/= Show/hide pointer
H Advance to hidden screen
E Erase Screen
PrtScn Copy Whole Screen
Esc/End End Slideshow
N/Rt Arrow Next Slide
P/Lt Arrow Previous Slide
Alt+S+B Start Slideshow
Alt+FandX Close powerpint
7. Tab Selection
Alt+H Home tab
Alt+F File tab
Alt+N Insert tab
Alt+T Transition tab
Alt+A Animation tab
Alt+S Slideshow tab
Alt+R Review tab
Alt+G Design tab
Alt+Q To search item
Alt+W View tab
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