Excel Shortcut

1. Text Editing/Graphics editing Operations
Ctrl+R Right Align selected text
Ctrl+L Left Align selected text
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Ins Copy text/image
Ctrl+V Paste text/image/text
Ctrl+X Cut text/image
Ctrl+B Bold text
Ctrl+U Underline Text
Ctrl+I Italic text
Del Remove selected image/Remove one character from right side
F2 Rename the file
Ctrl+P Print presentation
F5 Slideshow of presentation
Ctrl+E Align Center Selected Phrase
Alt+W Zoom Selected
Ctrl+J Justify Selected Phrase
Ctrl+K Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl+F Find particular text
Ctrl+H Replace particular text
Ctrl+Z Undo changes in presentation
Ctrl+Y Redo operation
Ctrl+Shift+Z Normal/Plain Text
Shift+F3 Change cases(UppseCase/LowerCase)
F7 Spelling Checker
Ctrl+Shift+F Change Font Style
Ctrl+Shift+> Increase font size
Ctrl+Shift+< Decrease font size
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+> Superscript
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+< Subscript
Ctrl+Drag Create a copy of selected text
Ctrl+Bkspace Delete word from left
Ctrl+Del Delete word from right
F8 Turn extend mode on
Esc Turn extend mode off
Alt+H+4 Apply strikethrough formatting

minus2. General Operation
Ctrl+S/F12 Save Document
Ctrl+O Open existing document
Ctrl+N New Document
Ctrl+P Print Document
Alt+F4 Exit
Ctrl+W Close

minus3. Navigation Operation
Arrow Keys Move operations
End End of line
Home Starting of line
Ctrl+Up Arrow Phrase or paragraph Up
Ctrl+Down Arrow Phrase or paragraph down
Ctrl+End End of text block
Ctrl+Home Beginning of text block
Shift+Tab To next object
Tab To previous object

minus4. Access Shortcut
Alt+H Home tab
Alt+N Insert Tab
Alt+G Design tab
Alt+F File Page
Alt+M Mailing tab
Alt+P Layout tab
Alt+Q Goto tell me box
Alt+R Review tab
Alt+W View tab
Alt+S References tab

minus5. Insert menu Shortcuts
Alt+N and C Chart
Alt+N and P Pictures
Alt+N and T Tables
Alt+N and V Cover page
Alt+N and L Comment
Alt+N and H Header
Alt+N and O Footer
Alt+N and NU Page Number
Alt+N and K Bookmark
Alt+N and W Wordart
Alt+N and E Equation options
Alt+N and U Various Symbol
Alt+N and J Add Object
Alt+N and F Online Pictures
Alt+N and B Page break
Alt+N and I Hyperlink
Alt+N and M SmartArt
Alt+N and D Date and Time
Alt+N and A1 Wikipedia
Alt+N and X Textbox
Alt+N and Q Quick Parts

minus6. Design and Layout Menu option
Alt+G and TH Themes
Alt+G and TC Colors
Alt+G and TF Fonts
Alt+G and D Set as default
Alt+G and TE Effects
Alt+G and PC Page color
Alt+G and PB Page border
Alt+G and PW Watermark
Alt+G and PS Paragraph Spacing
Alt+P and M Margins
Alt+P and O Orientation
Alt+P and SZ Size
Alt+P and J Columns
Alt+P and H Hyphenation
Alt+P and B Breaks
Alt+P and LN Line numbers
Alt+P and IL/IR Indent left/right
Alt+P and SB/SA Space before/after
Alt+P and AP Selection pane
Alt+P and AA Align

minus7. All Function Key Shortcuts
F1 Get Help or visit Microsoft Office Online.
F2 Move text or graphics.
F4 Repeat the last action.
F5 Choose the Go To command (Home tab).
F6 Go to the next pane or frame.
F8 Extend a selection.
F7 Choose the Spelling command (Review tab).
F9 Update the selected fields.
F10 Show KeyTips.
F11 Go to the next field.
F12 Choose the Save As command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Shift+F1 Start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting.
Shift+F2 Copy text.
Shift+F3 Change the case of letters.
Shift+F4 Repeat a Find or Go To action.
Shift+F5 Move to the last change.
Shift+F6 Go to the previous pane or frame (after pressing F6).
Shift+F7 Choose the Thesaurus command (Review tab, Proofing group).
Shift+F8 Shrink a selection.
Shift+F9 Switch between a field code and its result.
Shift+F10 Display a shortcut menu.
Shift+F11 Go to the previous field.
Shift+F12 Choose the Save command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Ctrl+F2 Choose the Print Preview command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Ctrl+F3 Cut to the Spike.
Ctrl+F4 Close the window.
Ctrl+F6 Go to the next window.
Ctrl+F9 Insert an empty field.
Ctrl+F10 Maximize the document window.
Ctrl+F11 Lock a field.
Ctrl+F12 Choose the Open command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Insert the contents of the Spike.
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Edit a bookmark.
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Go to the previous window.
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Update linked information in an Office Word 2007 source document.
Ctrl+Shift+f8, and arrow keys Extend a selection or block.
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Unlink a field.
Ctrl+Shift+F11 Unlock a field.
Ctrl+Shift+F12 Choose the Print command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Alt+F1 Go to the next field.
Alt+F3 Create a new Building Block.
Alt+F4 Exit Office Word 2007.
Alt+F5 Restore the program window size.
Alt+F6 Move from an open dialog box back to the document, for dialog boxes such as Find and Replace that support this behavior.
Alt+F7 Find the next misspelling or grammatical error.
Alt+F8 Run a macro.
Alt+F9 Switch between all field codes and their results.
Alt+f10 Maximize the program window.
Alt+F11 Display Microsoft Visual Basic code.
Alt+Shift+F1 Go to the previous field.
Alt+Shift+F2 Choose the Save command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Alt+Shift+F7 Display the Research task pane.
Alt+Shift+F9 Run GOTOBUTTON or MACROBUTTON from the field that displays the field results.
Alt+Shift+F10 Display a menu or message for a smart tag.
Ctrl+Alt+F1 Display Microsoft System Information.
Ctrl+Alt+F2 Choose the Open command (Microsoft Office Button ).
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