Excel 2016 Shortcut

1. Navigate Worksheets
Arrow Keys Navigate by one cell at a time in any direction
Page Down/Page Up Move one screen down/ up
Alt+Page Down/Page Up Move one screen right/ left
Tab/Shift+Tab Move one cell to the right/ to the left in a worksheet
Ctrl+Arrow Keys Move to the edge of next data region (cells that contains data)
Home Move to the beginning of row
Ctrl+Home Move to the beginning of worksheet
Ctrl+End Move to the last cell with content of worksheet
Ctrl+G Display the GoTo dialog box
Ctrl+G then type e.g. A50 Go to line 50, Column A
Ctrl+G then type e.g. G1 Go to column G, Line 1
2. Select Cells
minusBasic Selects
Shift+Arrow Keys Extend selection by one cell
Shift+Page Down/Page Up Extend selection one screen down/ up
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys Extend selection to next non-blank cell
Shift+Home Extend selection to beginning of the row (unfortunately, there is no Shift+End equivalent)
Ctrl+A with no data nearby current cell Select all
Ctrl+A with data nearby current cell Select all cells in data-containing area. Press twice to select everything
Ctrl+Shift+Home Extend selection to first cell of the worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+End Extend selection to last used cell on the worksheet (lower-right corner)
Shift+F8 Lock Selection Extend Mode – Select Cell Range, press Shift+F8, move around, add to selection with Shift+Arrow Keys, etc
Ctrl+G Manual selection by row/ column via GoTo menu.
A:B selects column A thru C,
1:3 selects row 1 thru 3 ,
A1:B3 select cells A1 thru B3, etc
Column and Row Selection
Shift+Space Select current row
Shift+Space, then
Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow Up
Select current row, then expand selection by one row down/ up
Shift+Space, then
Shift+Page Down/Page Up
Select current row, then expand selection by one page down/ up
Ctrl+Space Select current column
Shift+Space, then
Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow Left
Select current column, then expand selection by one column right/ left
Shift+Space, then
Shift+Alt+Page Down/Page Up
Select current column, then expand selection by one screen right/ left
3. Juggle Rows, Columns, and Cells
Shift+Space, then Ctrl+ Select single row; then delete
Shift+SpaceShift+Arrow Up/Arrow Down, then Ctrl+ Select multiple rows; then delete
Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+plus Select single row; then insert one row above
Shift+SpaceShift+Arrow Up/Arrow Down, then Ctrl+Shift+plus Select multiple rows; then insert the same number rows below
Shift+Space, then Ctrl+ Select single (or multiple) columns, then delete
Shift+Space, then Ctrl+Shift+plus Select single row, then insert row below. Select multiple rows to insert multiple rows
Ctrl+Shift+plus with row(s) in clipboard and a row selected Paste Insert – paste row(s) from clipboard and shift existing content downward
Ctrl+Shift+plus with column(s) in clipboard and column selected Paste Insert – paste column(s) from clipboard and shift existing content to the right
Ctrl+Shift+plus With cells that are not complete rows/columns – Open insert cell/ row/ column menu
Ctrl+ With cells that are not complete rows/columns – Open delete cell/ row/ column menu
Shift+Arrow DownF2, then Ctrl+Enter Fill single cell content down to all cells selected with Shift+Arrow Down
Shift+Arrow UpF2, then Ctrl+Enter Fill single cell content upto all cells selected with Shift+Arrow Down
4. Edit Cell Content
These assume you are inside a cell.
F2 Edit cell. Press Escape to cancel
Home/End Jump to beginning/ end of cell
Arrow Keys Navigate by one character left/ right or one line up/ down
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Navigate by one word left/ right
Shift+Arrow Keys Select one character to the left/ right (or one line up/down)
Shift+Home/End Select from the insertion point to beginning/ end of cell
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Select or unselect one word to the left/ right
Delete/Backspace Delete one character to the right/ left of cursor
Ctrl+Delete Delete from cursor to end of cell
Alt+Enter Start a new line inside cell
Enter/Shift+Enter Complete cell entry and move one cell down/ up
Tab/Shift+Tab Complete cell entry and move one cell right/ left
Ctrl+Enter Complete cell entry and don’t move selection
Ctrl+ Duplicate value from Cell above into current cell at cursor position
Ctrl+; Insert current date at cursor position
Ctrl+Shift+; Insert current time at cursor position
5. Duplicate Cells, Rows, and Columns
Ctrl+D Fill Down from cell(s) above into current cell(s)
Ctrl+D with a row selected Duplicate row via fill down – Fill current row with content from row above.
Ctrl+D with multiple empty cells selected Duplicate content of first cell(s) in first row to all cells in selection downward.
Ctrl+R Fill Rright from cell(s) on the left into current cell(s)
Ctrl+R with a column selected Duplicate column via fill right – Fill current column with content from column on the left.
Ctrl+D with multiple empty cells selected Duplicate content first cell(s) in first column to all cells in selection to the right.
Ctrl+ Duplicate formula from cell above

▲ up

minus6. Undo, Redo, and Repeat Action
With Excel 2016 ‘redo’ (undo an undo) and ‘repeat’ (repeat last action) became a bit confus. Ctrl+Y is a repeat if no undo is present.
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo (after undo) or Repeat (e.g. when applying formats)
Alt+2 Undo list (via quick access). Use Arrow Down to extend undo range.
Alt+3 Redo list (via quick access). Use Arrow Down to extend redo range.
Alt+Enter outside edit cell mode Repeat last action. E.g. try to set a cell bold with Ctrl+B, then go to a different cell and press Alt+Enter; great to cascade formatting across multiple cells
7. Cut, Copy, Paste, and Paste Special
Ctrl+X Cut cell(s) to clipoard
Ctrl+C Copy cell(s) to clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste cell(s) from clipboard
Ctrl+plus Insert Paste – Paste cell and push content downward or rightward. Works great for entire rows and columns.
Ctrl+Alt+V Open Paste Special Menu (requires a prior copy to Clipboard)
Ctrl+Alt+V, then VEnter Paste Values
Ctrl+Alt+V, then TEnter Paste Formats
Ctrl+Alt+V, then EEnter Paste Transposed
Ctrl+Alt+V, then WEnter Paste Column Width
Ctrl+Alt+V, then UEnter Paste Values and Number Formats
F3 Paste a defined name into a formula
8. Format Cells
General Cell Format
Ctrl+Alt+V, then T and Enter Copy a cell via Ctrl+C, then via Paste Spacieal, paste format of that cell to current cell
Alt+Enter Repeat a previous cell format action on current cell
Ctrl+1 Open Format Cells dialog with last selection active
Ctrl+Shift+F Open Format Cells dialog with Font Tab active
Font Face, Font Decoration, and Cell Color
Ctrl+B Apply/ remove bold format
Ctrl+I Apply/ remove italic format
Ctrl+U Apply/ remove underline format
Ctrl+5 Apply/ remove strikethrough formatting
Alt+HFF Home select Font Face; type font name supported by auto-complete, or use Arrow Down to select.
Alt+HFS Home select Font Size; use Arrow Key, then Enter to change size
Alt+HFCEscapeEnter Assign current font color to selection via Home Font Color. While escaping the font-color drop-down, the focus stays on the icon; simply press Enter to assign the current color.
Alt+HHEscapeEnter Assign current fill color to selected cell color via Home Higlight Cell. While escaping the highlight drop-down, the focus stays on the icon; simply press Enter to assign the current color.
Alt+HH, then N Set to No fill color
Number Formats
Ctrl+Shift+~ Apply the general number format (e.g. 1000)
Ctrl+Shift+1 Apply the number format with two decimal places, thousands separator (e.g. 1,000.00)
Ctrl+Shift+2 Apply the time format with the hour and minute, and indicate AM or PM
Ctrl+Shift+3 Apply the date format with the day, month, and year
Ctrl+Shift+4 Apply the currency format with two decimal places (e.g. $1,000.00)
Ctrl+Shift+5 Apply the percentage format with no decimal places (e.g. 10%)
Ctrl+Shift+6 Apply the scientific number format
Alt+HAL Align Left
Alt+HAR Align Right
Alt+HAC Align Center
Alt+HAT Align Top
Alt+HAM Align Middle
Alt+HAB Align Bottom
Wrap and Merge
Alt+HW Wrap or unwrap text (Home – Wrap Text)
Alt+HMM Merge cells – Merge
Alt+HMU Merge – Unmerge
Alt+HMC Merge and Center
Alt+HMA Merge Across (merge all columns, but not rows in selection)
Border Shortcuts
There are only two direct shortcuts which apply or remove the complete outline. It seems the the easiest to enter the border menu, and then apply the shortcuts in the border menu.
Alt+HBM Home – Border – Menu; technically it says ‘more’.
Alt+T (in border menu) Toggle Top border
Alt+B Toggle Bottom border
Alt+R Toggle Right border
Alt+L Toggle Left border
Alt+H Toggle Horizontal interior border
Alt+V Toggle Vertical interior border
Alt+U Toggle Upwards diagonal border
Alt+D Toggle Downwards diagonal border
Ctrl+Shift+& Add outline borders from cell or selection
Ctrl+Shift+ Remove outline borders from cell or selection
9. Find and Replace
Ctrl+F Display the Find and Replace dialog box (with find selected)
Ctrl+H Display the find and replace dialog box (with replace selected)
Esc Close the find and replace dialog Box (with focus on dialog box)
Shift+F4 Find next (with search box closed)
Ctrl+Shift+F4 Find previous (with search box closed)
Alt+Tab, or Ctrl+F/H when losing focus Toggle focus between find/ replace dialog box and worksheet
Alt+F Find next with find dialog box active
Alt+I Find all with find dialog box active
* in search option Use as asterix for searching multiple characters
? in search options Use as wildcard for searching any single character, Use ‘~’ before ‘?’ when searching special characters.
~* searches for *
~~ searches for ~
~? searches for ?
10. Formulas
= Start a formula
Alt+= Insert the AutoSum formula
Ctrl+A with formula present Edit formula in formula Bar
Ctrl+Shift+U Expand/ collapse formula bar
F4 After typing cell reference (eg =E4) makes reference absolute (=$E$4). Repeat if you want to toogle from absolute reference to parcial or complete removal ($E$4 -> E$4 -> $E4 -> returning to E4.
Shift+F3 with empty cell Display the ‘insert function; dialog box
Shift+F3 with formula present Edit arguments of formula at cursor position
Alt+H,FDU Select all Formulas (Home – Find – Formulas
Ctrl+Shift+Enter with array formula Enter a formula as an array formula. Formula bar will show this as e.g. {=SUM(A1:A3*B1:B3)} whichis the sum of A1*B2+A2*B2+A3+B3. This is an easy and concise method. Remember that each time editing the formula will require the Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Some keyboards seem to distinguish between left and right Shift key
Ctrl+~ Show/ hide all formulas. This will automatically extend all column widths which reverses when presed again
Ctr+ Duplicate formula from cell above
F3 Paste named range in formula
Ctrl+Backspace When navigated away while editing formula; jump back to active cell while keeping formula intact.
Trace Dependents and Precedents
Ctrl+[ Select direct precedents
Ctrl+Shift+[ Select all precedents
Ctrl+] Select direct dependents
Ctrl+Shift+] Select all dependents
Manual Calculation
F9 Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks
Shift+F9 Calculate the active worksheet
Ctrl+Alt+F9 Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks, regardless of whether they have changed since the last calculation
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9 Recheck dependent formulas, and then calculates all cells in all open workbooks, including cells not marked as needing to be calculated
11. Manage Workbooks
Open and Save Workbooks
Ctrl+O Open file via standard open dialog box
Alt+FO File Open via Excel file manager
Alt+FO + 19 Open recent file (1 thru 9)
Alt+FOY1Z Open recent file (10 upwards)
Alt+FOK File Open from OneDrive Link
Ctrl+S Save File with current file name
F12 Save file as via standard save dialog box
Alt+FA File Save as via Excel file manager
Alt+FAK File Save to OneDrive Link
Esc Exit open/ save menu
Print Workbooks
Ctrl+P Print. This won’t offer offer Key Tips/ Options. To continue with shortcuts, use the new Key Options below.
Alt+FP Open File Print menu
I in Print Menu Select printer
Alt+P if Key Tips disappear Return Print key tips/ options
V in Print Menu Focus on View pane; use arrow keys to forward/ backward preview pages
G in Print Menu Page setup
N in Print Menu Set Number of copies
12. Manage Worksheet Tabs
Ctrl+Page Down/Page Up Move to the next/ previous worksheet in current workbook
Alt+HIS Insert worksheet (Home – Insert Sheet)
Alt+HDS Delete worksheet Home – Delete Sheet
Alt+HOR Rename worksheet (Home – Format – Rename worksheet)
Alt+HOM Move worksheet (Home – Format – Move worksheet)
Alt+HOT Worksheet tab color, continue with mouse or arrow keys (Home – Format – Tab color)
13. Freeze, Split, and Hide
Alt+W+FF View – Freeze or unfreeze; unfreeze works for any Freeze Setting
Alt+W+R View – Freeze first visible Row on screen
Alt+W+C View – Freeze first Column on screen
Ctrl+9 Hide selected rows
Ctrl+Shift+9 Unhide hidden rows within the selection
Ctrl+0 Hide selected columns
Shift+F10, then U Unhide selected columns (Ctrl+Shift+0 not working in Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016)
Alt+W S Split or unsplit Worksheet at current position
14. Auto Filter
Ctrl+Shift+L Turn Autofilter on or off. Select table as necessary but many times Excel figures out what you want.
Alt+Arrow Down On the field with column head, display the AutoFilter list for the current column. Press Escape to cancel
Arrow Down/Arrow Up and Sace Select the next/ previous item in the AutoFilter list
Alt+Arrow Up Close the AutoFilter list for the current column
Home/End Select the first item/ last item in the AutoFilter list
15. Column Width and Row Height
It takes only a little bit patience to get used to set row-height and column-width using the pixels instead of the mouse; but only after a short while getting used to the keyboard shortcuts, you won’t go back. It can’t get any easier to exactly double or triple the row height by working with the values given.
Alt+HO Home – Format Worksheet
H (in Format Worksheet Menu) Set row Height
A Autofit row height
W Set column Width
I Autofit column width (Based on current cell; mark column if you want to autfit column based on widest cell)
D Set Default width (for all columns that haven’t been changed yet)
16. Navigate Multi-Cell Selections
All these shortcuts assume multipe cells have been selected. Try with at least 2-3 columns and rows.
Tab/Shift+Tab Move active cell right/ left in selection
Enter/Shift+Enter Move active cell down/ up in selection
Shift+Backspace Select only the active cell when multiple cells are selected
Ctrl+Backspace Show active cell within selection; helps with large selections when active cell is off screen
Ctrl+. Move clockwise between the four courners of a selection
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Right/Arrow Left Move to the right/ to the left between non-adjacent selections (with multiple ranges selected)
Arrow Keys with active Selection Cancel Selection
17. Comments and Hyperlinks
Ctrl+K Insert or edit hyperlinK (for complete cell only)
Shift+F10, then R Remove one or multiple hyperlink(s)
Shift+F10, then 2x O, then Enter Open hyperlink (In the Excel 2016 Contextmenu, ‘O’ is double-assigned which require the extra keys)
Shift+F2 Insert/ edit a cell comment
1x Escape when in Comment, then Arrow Keys Move comment
2x Escape when in Comment Escape comment editing and return to cell
Ctrl+Shift+O Select all cells with comments
Shift+F10, then M Delete single comment (or multipe with multiple comments selected)
18. Pivot Tables
Creating Pivot Tables with Shortcuts only seems to be nearly impossible; managing existing tables is doable.
Alt+NV Insert PivotTable after selecting data range. Follow up with Alt+E for existing worksheet if desired, Tab, and type the cell reference where it should go (e.g. C1)
F10+R Refresh PivotTable
Ctrl+ Hide selected item
Alt+Arrow Down in header Unhide item(s) by opening header drop-down and using Arrow Keys and Space to unhide item
Type over any field with the value hidden Unhide item(s) (assume you have two fields ‘color’, and ‘size’ and you hid ‘color’. Go into ‘size’ field and type ‘color’ – this will unhide the ‘color’ field
Type over any field with another field in same table Flip current field value with the value typed
Ctrl+Shift+* Select the entire PivotTable report
Alt+Shift+Arrow Right Group selected PivotTable items
Alt+Shift+Arrow Left Ungroup selected PivotTable items when on group header
Alt+JTX Expand all fields
Alt+JTP Collapse all fields
Ctrl+Shift+plus Insert pivot formula/ calculated field
Alt+F1 Create Pivot Chart in same Worksheet
F1 Create Pivot Chart in new Worksheet
19. Excel Auto Tables and Data Forms
minusAuto Tables
Ctrl+T Create auto Table from selection
Ctrl+Space Select table column
Shift+Space Select table row
Data Forms
Tab/Shift+Tab Move to the next/ previous field which can be edited
Enter/Shift+Enter Move to the first field in the next/ previous record
Page Down/Page Up Move to the same field 10 records forward/ back
Ctrl+Page Down Move to a new record
Ctrl+Page Up Move to the first record
Home/End Move to the beginning/ end of a field
20. Group Rows and Columns
Alt+Shift+Arrow Right Group rows or columns
Alt+Shift+Arrow Left Ungroup rows or columns
Alt+AH Data Hide detail
Alt+AJ Data Show Detail (j is next to h on keyboard that’s probably why they picked ‘J’ isntead of somthing else)
Ctrl+8 Display or hides the outline symbols
Alt+ASCII Code Enter ASCII code, e.g. Alt+0169 inserts © Symbol
21. The Rest
Ctrl+F1 Minimize/ restore Excel ribbons
Ctrl after selecting at least 2 rows and 2 columns Display format, chart, totals, tables, and sparklines menus
Shift+F7 Display the thesaurus dialog box
F7 Display the spelling dialog box
Alt+FIE Enable Editing for protected view (File Info Enable Editing)
Alt+F4 Close Excel
F1 Help
Alt+ Style dialog box
Ctrl+F3 Define a name or dialog
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Create names from row and column labels
Alt+F1 Create and insert chart with data in current range as embedded Chart Object
F11 Create and insert chart with data in current range in a separate Chart Sheet
Alt+F11 Open VBA editor window
Ctrl+F6 Scroll between open workbooks
Alt+F8 Display macro dialog box
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