1. Align
B Align bottom
P Align center page
E Align horizontal center
R Align right
T Align top
C Align vertical center
Alt+F12 Align to baseline

minus2. Document Display
F9 Full-screen preview
Ctrl+W Refresh window
Shift+F9 Toggle display
Ctrl+Shift+C Show nonprinting characters

minus3. Dockers
Ctrl+F9 Contour
Ctrl+F7 Envelope
Ctrl+F5 Graphic and text style
Alt+F3 Lens
Alt+F2 Linear dimensions
Alt+Enter Object proprties
Alt+F7 Position
Alt+F8 Rotate
Alt+F9 Scale and mirror
Alt+F10 Size
Alt+F11 Insert symbol and special characters
Alt+F12 View manager
Alt+F6 Symbols manager

minus4. Distribute Command
Shift+B Distribute bottom
Shift+E Distribute centers horizontally
Shift+C Distribute centers vertically
Shift+L Distribute left
Shift+R Distribute right
Shift+P Distribute spacing horizontally
Shift+A Distribute spacing vertically
Shift+T Distribute top

minus5. General
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+Insert Copy
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Delete CUt
Delete Delete
Ctrl+D Duplicate
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo
Ctrl+R Repeat
Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Backspace Undo

minus6. FIle
Ctrl+E Export
Ctrl+I Import
Ctrl+N New document
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+Shift+S Save as
Ctrl+F4 Exit

minus7. Font Formatting
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+Shift+F Font list
Ctrl+Shift+W FOnt weight
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+Shift+K Smaall caps
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+Numpad 2 Decrease font size
Ctrl+Shift+P Font size
Ctrl+Shift+H HTML font size
Ctrl+Numpad 8 Increase font size
Ctrl+Numpad 6 Next font combo size
Ctrl+Numpad 4 Previous font combo size
Shift+F3 Change case
Ctrl+F8 Convert text

minus8. Dialogs
F11 Open fountain fill dialog
Shift+F11 Uniform fill dialog
Ctrl+Shift+B Color balance
Ctrl+B Brightness/intensity
Ctrl+Shift+U Hue/saturation

minus9. Objest Nudge Commands
Down arrow Nudge Down
Left arrow Nudge left
RIght arrow Nudge right
Up arrow Nudge up
Shift+Down arrow Super Nudge down
Shift+Left arrow Super nudge left
Shift+Up arrow Super nudge up
Shift+Right arrow Super nudge right
Shift+Down arrow Micro nudge down
Shift+Left arrow Super nudge left
Shift+RIght arrow Super nudge right
Shift+Up arrow Super nudge up

minus10. Object Ordering
Ctrl+Page down Back one
Ctrl+Page up Forward one
Shift+Page up To back
Shift +page down To front

minus11. Outline Pen
Shift+F12 Open outline color dialog
F12 Open outline pen dialog

minus12. Navigation
Page Down Next page
Page Up Previous page

minus13. Text Formatting
Ctrl+M Bullet text
Ctrl+E Center justify
Ctrl+F8 Convert text state
Ctrl+Shift+D Apply drop cap
Ctrl+Shift+T Edit text
Ctrl+H Force justification
Ctrl+T Format text
Ctrl+J Full justify
Ctrl+, Horizontal text
Ctrl+L Left justification
Ctrl+N No justification
Ctrl+R Right justification
Ctrl+Period Vertical text

minus14. Zoom and Pan
N Navigator
H Hand tool
Alt+Down arrow Pan down
Alt+Left arrow Pan left
Alt+Pan arrow Pan up
Ctrl+F2 View manager
F2 Zoom one shot
F3 Zoom out
F4 Zoom to all object
Shift+F4 Zoom to page
Shift+F2 Zoom to selection

minus15. Toolbox Tool Selection
I Artistic media tools
X Eraser tool
F7 Ellipse tool
Shift Toggle eyedropper and paint bucket
F5 Freehand tool
D Graph paper tool
H Hand
G Interactive fill tool
M Mesh tool
Y Polygon tool
F6 Rectangle tool
F10 Shape tool
S Smart drawing tool
A Spiral tool
F8 Text tool
Spacebar Toggle pick state

minus16. Cursor Moves Using Text Tool
Delete Delete character to right
Ctrl+Delete Delete word to right
Page down Cursor down one frame
Down arrow Cursor down one line
Ctrl+Down arrow Cursor left one paragraph
Left arrow Cursor left one character
Ctrl+Left arrow Cursor left one word
RIght arrow Cursor right one character
Ctrl+Right arrow Cursor right one word
Page up Cursor up one frame
Up arrow Cursor up one line
Ctrl+Up arrow Cursor up one paragraph
Ctrl+Home Cursor to start of text
Home Cursor start of a line
Ctrl+Page up Cursor to start of text
End Cursor to end of line
Ctrl+Page down Cursor to end of text
Ctrl+A Select all text
Shift+Left arrow Select character to left
Shift+RIght arrow Select character to right
Shift+Page Down Select down one frame
Shift+Down arrow Select down one line
Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow Select down one paragraph
Shift+Page down Select up one frame
Shift+Up arrow Select up one line
Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow Select up one paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+Left arrow Select word to left
Ctrl+Shift+Right arrow Select word to right
Ctrl+Shift+Home Select to start of frame
Shift+Home Select to start of line
Ctrl+Shift+Page up Select to start of text
Ctrl+Shift+End Select to end of frame

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