Access Shortcut Keys

1. Manage Databases
Ctrl+N Open/create new database
Ctrl+O Open existing database
Alt+F4 Quit/ exit Access
Ctrl+P Print the current or selected object
Ctrl+S Save a database object (or Shift+f12)
F12 Open the Save As dialog box
2. Manage Access Features
minusFind and Replace
Ctrl+F Find and replace dialog box
Ctrl+H (Find and) Replace dialog box
Shift+F4 Find next
Alt+Ctrl+F Go to the Navigation Pane search box from anywhere in the database
Form Controls
Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V Cut / Copy / Paste
Arrow Keys Move selected control up/down/left/right (Optionally, add Ctrl to key combination)
Shift+Arrow Down/Shift+Arrow Up Increase / decrease height of the selected control
Shift+Arrow Right/Shift+Arrow Left Increase / decrease width of the selected control
Tab Toggle the focus forward between controls in the wizard
Alt+N Move to the next page of the wizard
Alt+B Move to the previous page of the wizard
Alt+F Complete the wizard
Shift+F10 Show the shortcut menu
Alt Show the access keys (of F10)
Alt+Space Show the program icon menu
Arrow Down/Arrow Up Select the next / select previous command in menu
Arrow Left/Arrow Right Select the menu to the left / menu to the right
Home/End Select first / select last command in menu
Alt Close the visible menu and submenu at the same time
Esc Close the visible menu; or, with a submenu visible, to close the submenu
Dialog Boxes
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab Switch to next tab / switch to previous tab in a dialog box
Tab/Shift+Tab Move to the next / switch to previous option or option group
Arrow Keys Move between options
Space Select current button
Alt+Arrow Down Open the selected drop-down list box
Esc Close the selected drop-down list box
Enter Perform the action assigned to the default button in the dialog box
Esc Cancel the command and close the dialog box
Alt+F4 Close a dialog box
Text Boxes
Home/End Move beginning / move to end of an entry
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow Right Move one word to the left or right
Shift+Home/Shift+End Select from cursor to end / to beginning
Shift+Arrow Left/Shift+Arrow Right Extend selection one character to the left / to the right
Field List Pane
Alt+F8 Toggle the Field List pane
Enter Add the selected field to the form or report detail section
Arrow Up/Arrow Down Move up / move down the Field List pane
Shift+Tab Move to the upper Field List pane from the lower pane
Tab Move to the lower Field List pane from the upper pane
3. Working with Text and Data
Select and move Fields or Columns
Tab/Shift+Tab Select next field / select previous field
Shift+Space Switch between selecting the current record and the first field of the current record,
Shift+Arrow Up/Shift+Arrow Down Extend selection to previous record/ to next record
Ctrl+A Select all records (or Ctrl+Shift+Space)
F8 Turn on Extend mode
Arrow Left/Arrow Right Extend a selection to adjacent fields in the same row in Datasheet view
Arrow Up/Arrow Down Extend a selection to adjacent rows in Datasheet view
Shift+F8 Undo the previous extension
Esc Cancel Extend mode
Ctrl+Space Select the current column
Shift+Arrow Right/Shift+Arrow Left Select the column to the right / to the left, if the current column is selected
Ctrl+Shift+F8 Turn on Move mode
Edit Text and Data
Arrow Right/Arrow Left Move cursor one character to the right / to the left
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Ctrl+Arrow Left Move cursor one word to the right / to the left
Home/End Move cursor to the beginning / to the end of the field
Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End Move cursor to the beginning / to the end of the line in multi-line fields
Ctrl+Delete Delete all characters to the right of the insertion point
Ctrl+Z Undo Changes
Ctrl+Y Redo Changes
Esc Cancel / undo changes in the current field or current record
Insert Data
Ctrl+; Insert the current date
Ctrl+: Insert the current time
Ctrl+Alt+Space Insert the default value for a field
Ctrl+ Insert the value from the same field in the previous record
Ctrl+[+] Add a new record
Ctrl+ In a datasheet, delete the current record
Shift+Enter Save changes to the current record
Space Switch between the values in a check box or option button
Ctrl+Enter Insert a new line
Refresh Fields
F9 Recalculate the fields in the window or the contents of a Lookup field
Shift+F9 Requery the underlying tables
4. Working with Access Views
Design View
F2 Switch between Edit and Navigation mode
F4 Toggle the property sheet
F5 Switch to Form view from form Design view
F6 Switch between the windows, or between design panes / properties / etc
F7 Open the Visual Basic Editor from a selected property in the property sheet for a form or report
Alt+F8 Invokes the Field List pane in a form, report, or data access page. If the Field List pane is already open, focus moves to the Field List pane.
Shift+F7 Switch to Form or Report Design View (from Visual Basic Editor with code module open)
Alt+Enter Display a property sheet
Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V Cut / Copy / Paste
Arrow Keys Move selected control up/down/left/right along the grid
Ctrl+Arrow Keys Move selected control up/down/left/right by one pixel
Shift+Arrow Down/Shift+Arrow Up Increase / decrease height of the selected control
Shift+Arrow Right/Shift+Arrow Left Increase / decrease width of the selected control
Navigate in Datasheet, Subdatasheet, and Form View
F5 Move to the record number box, type in number and press enter
Tab/Shift+Tab Move to next / move to previous field in current record
Home/End Move to first / move to last field in current record
Arrow Down/Arrow Up Move to next / move to previous record
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow Up Move to last record / move to first record (or current field in next record / in previous record when in subdatasheet)
Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End Move to first field in first record / last field in last record
Page Down/Page Up Move down one screen / move up one screen
Ctrl+Page Down/Ctrl+Page Up Move right one screen / left one screen
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab In subdatasheet: Exit to next / to previous record
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down Expand subdatasheet
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up Collapse subdatasheet
Alt+F5 Move from subdatasheet to record number box, enter record number and press enter
Database Diagram
Esc Move from a table cell to the table’s title bar
Enter Move from a table’s title bar to the last cell you edited
Tab Move from table title bar to table title bar, or from cell to cell inside a table
Alt+Arrow Down Expand a list inside a table
Arrow Down/Arrow Up Move up / down in a list
Space Change the setting in a check box
Home/End Go to the first cell / go to last cell in row
Page Down/Page Up Go to next / go to previous page of the diagram
Query Designer
F6/Shift+F6 Move forward / backwards among the Query Designer panes
Tab/Shift+Tab Move forward / backwards among tables, views, functions, or join line.
Arrow Keys Move between columns in a table, view, or function
Space Choose the selected data column for output (or use +/)
Delete Remove the selected table, view, function, or join line
F2 In Grid Pane: toggle between edit mode and cell selection mode
Insert Insert row between existing columns
Pivot Table
Tab/Shift+Tab Move to the right / to the left
Enter/Shift+Enter Move down / move up
Shift+Enter Select cell above current cell
Ctrl+Enter/Ctrl+Shift+Enter Select detail cell for next item / previous item in row
Shift+Arrow Keys Expand selection
Ctrl+A Select entire PivotTable View
Shift+F10 Display context menu
Alt+Enter Display property dialog box
Alt+F4 Close property dialog box
Esc Cancel refresh operation in progress
Ctrl+E Export contents to Excel
Ctrl+8 Toggle expand indicators (plus and minus signs)
Ctrl+[+ on numeric keyboard Expand selected item
Ctrl+ on numeric keyboard Collapse current item
Alt+Arrow Down Open list for currently selected item
Ctrl+T Toggle AutoFilter
Ctrl+Shift+A Sort data ascending (A-Z)
Ctrl+Shift+Z Sort data descending (Z-A)
Alt+Shift+Arrow Up/Alt+Shift+Arrow Up Move selected member up / down
Alt+Shift+Arrow Right/Alt+Shift+Arrow Left Move selected member right / left
Ctrl+L Display Field List pane
Ctrl+Shift+S Add new total field using sum summary
Ctrl+Shift+C Add new total field using count summary
Ctrl+Shift+M Add new total field using min summary
Ctrl+Shift+X Add new total field using max summary
Ctrl+Shift+E Add new total field using average summary
Ctrl+Shift+D Add new total field using standard deviation summary
Ctrl+Shift+T Add new total field using standard deviation population summary
Ctrl+Shift+B Turn subtotals and grand totals on or off for selected field
Ctrl+F Add a calculated detail field
Ctrl+1 Move selected field to row area
Ctrl+2 Move selected field to column area
Ctrl+3 Move selected field to filter area
Ctrl+4 Move selected field to detail area
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow Right Move selection up one level / down one level
Ctrl+Shift+~ Apply the general number format to values
Ctrl+Shift+$ Apply the currency format to values
Ctrl+Shift+% Apply the percentage format to values
Ctrl+Shift+^ Apply the exponential number format to values
Ctrl+Shift+# Apply the date format to values
Ctrl+Shift+@ Apply the time format, with the hour, minute, and AM or PM, to values in the selected total or detail field
Ctrl+Shift+! Apply the numeric format, with two decimal places, thousands separator, and a minus sign for negative values, to values in the selected total or detail field
Ctrl+B Make text bold in the selected field of the PivotTable view
Ctrl+U Make text underlined in the selected field of the PivotTable view
Ctrl+I Make text italic in the selected field of the PivotTable view
5. The Rest
minusManage Windows
F11 Toggle the Navigation Pane
Ctrl+F6 Cycle between open windows
Enter Restore the selected minimized window when all windows are minimized
Ctrl+F8 Turn on Resize mode for the active window when it is not maximized; press the arrow keys to resize the window
Alt+Space Display the control menu
Shift+F10 Display the shortcut menu
Ctrl+W/Ctrl+F4 Close the active window
Alt+F11 Switch between the Visual Basic Editor and the previous active window
Print Preview
Ctrl+P Open the Print dialog box (or p)
S Open the page setup dialog box
C Cancel print/ layout preview (or escape)
Help Window
Tab/Shift+Tab Go to next / go to previous text or hyperlink
Enter Perform action for currently selected item
Alt+Arrow Left/Alt+Arrow Right Move back / move forward
Ctrl+P Open the Print dialog box
Arrow Up/Arrow Down Move up / move down in small increments
Page Up/Page Down Move up / move down one one page
Shift+F10 Show context menu
Other Shortcuts
F2 Display hyperlink
F7 Check spelling
Shift+F2 Open the Zoom box
Alt+Enter Display a property sheet in Design view
Ctrl+F2 Invoke a Builder
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Ctrl+Arrow Left Toggle forward / toggle backwards between views when in a table, or other elements
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