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Welcome to The Anima Foundation

Who Are We

We are a young team of marketers and brand strategists who enable your business to stand out from the rest in this digital world. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, Anima Foundation has the expertise to lead you in the right way.

Our Mission

Our mission to empower the 10000 startup to achive their dream in next few years and create more employebility and handholding our growing young entrepreneurs to bounceback at everysetback in their journey to business.

Our Approach

We proudly boast of having a passionate team of young and innovative designers and strategists that give us the vantage to look at things differently. Our customer-centric style of designing encourages our clients to share their business needs. This helps in creating an experience that is engaging and incorporates the perspective of both the client and the agency to shape the end product.

Innovative Process

We believe in keeping creativity at the helm of things at our workplace. Our innovative approach of making no two strategies similar is what makes us unique.

Research Focussed

We do comprehensive research that helps us plan the right strategy to deliver relentless growth and ensure your brand’s success.

Excellence in Delivery

We have a proven track record of providing excellent digital marketing services for over 100 happy customers. We never stop until we give you what you desire!

Anima Foundation is the first online business survice platform that is created with a vision to inspire and guide current and aspiring entrepreneurs to execute their plan and provide handholding in every steps to reach their final goal.

Anima Foundation also takes pride to host counselling,mentoring ,coaching and guidence to the budding entrepreneur in their business sector

This is the curated aggregator platform where leading business coaches, trainers and subject experts and agencies will come together to coach one and all.
Startupcares.com is a one stop business survice ecosystem for startups to acquiring knowledge, experties, service provider agencies and application tools at one place.

Anima Foundation is a contributor in nation building by providing business coaching to the aspiring entrepreneur at lowest possible costs. More earning, more learning and better understanding of life will create prosperous and happy India.

Anima Foundation also provide advanced Business, Marketing and Management Skills for Healthcare Business,and helping the Doctor’s to Grow their healthcare business to become a large clinic / hospital with upto 5x more Sales, 1.5x more Profits and 2x more Repeat sales.

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