Windows 10

1. Manage Start Button and Task Bar Win Activate Start Button. Then use Arrow Keys, Space and Enter to navigate within Start Menu Esc Close Start Menu Shift+click on a Taskbar item Opens new window/ instance of the same Application item Win+1…9 Switch to application in position N on Taskbar (or launch pinned application) Win+D Minimize all windows on all…

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Microsoft Visio

1. Select Various Tool/Shape Shortcuts Ctrl +1 Select Painter Tool Ctrl +2 Select Text Tool Ctrl +3 Select Connector Tool Ctrl +4 Select Pencil Tool Ctrl +Shift+4 Select TextBox Tool Ctrl +5 Select the freedom Tool Ctrl +6 Select Line Tool Ctrl +7 Select Arc Tool Ctrl +8 Select Rectangle Tool Ctrl +9 Select Ellipse Tool Ctrl +Shift+2 Select Crop Tool Ctrl +Shift+P Switch format painter on/off…

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Microsoft Teams

1. General Shortcuts Alt+/ Open Keyboard Shortcuts Alt+H Open Help Alt+G Open Settings Alt+N Start a New Chat Alt+E Go to Search Esc Close A Dialog or Move Focus Ctrl+F6 Go to Next Section Ctrl+Shift+F6 Go to Previous Section 2. Navigation Shortcuts Alt+1 Open Activity Alt+2 Open Chat Alt+3 Open Teams Alt+4 Open Meetings Alt+5 Open Files…

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1. File Management Ctrl+F12 Open a project file (display the Open dialog box). Ctrl+O Open a project file (display the Open Tab in the Backstage view). Ctrl+S Save a project file. Ctrl+N Create a new project. Ctrl+P Print a file (display the Print Tab in the Backstage view). 2. Working with dialog boxes Ctrl+F12 Display the Open dialog box. Ctrl+O Display the Open Tab in…

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1. Basic Editing and Formatting Skip this section if you know basic shortcuts; these are pretty much the same for all Standard Applications. ctrl+z / y Undo / Redo the last action. arrow left / arrow right Move one character to the left / right. ctrl+arrow left / ctrl+arrow right Move one word to the left / right. arrow up / arrow down…

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1. Basic Navigation Ctrl+1 Switch to Mail Ctrl+2 Switch to Calendar Ctrl+3 Switch to Contacts Ctrl+4 Switch to Tasks Ctrl+5 Switch to Notes Ctrl+6 Switch to Folder List in Navigation Pane Ctrl+7 Switch to Shortcuts Ctrl+Period / Ctrl+Comma Switch to next/previous message (with message open) Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Shift+Tab Move between the Folder Pane, main Outlook window, Reading Pane, and…

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Office Powerpoint 2016

1. Show PowerPoint Presentation with Shortcuts F5 Start the presentation from the beginning. N, Enter, Page Down, Arrow Right, Arrow down, /Space Perform the next animation or advance to the next slide. P, Page Up, Arrow Left, Arrow Up, /Backspace Perform the previous animation or return to the previous slide. Slide Number +Enter Go to slide number. B/. Display a blank black…

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Office Excel 2016

This is a major rework compared to previous versions. This should be one of the most complete Shortcut References for Excel updated to the latest versions. Most all shortcuts are most likely to work exactly the same on previous versions. Overall if you are a legacy Excel user, try to get used to the Ribbon…

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